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Metallica Converse Metallica Converse Metallica Converse

Metallica Converse Shoes and Jeans

If you put the search terms “Metallica Converse” into any search engine you will get hundreds of results pointing to two distinct incarnations of Converse design. One is their designer shoes and jeans that have a metallic finish. The other points to some very cool All Stars celebrating the music and cultural impact of the all-time great rock band Metallica.
Metallica Shoes and Jeans
Weapon '86 Metallica designed by Varvatos – Now back in production due to customer demand, this metal finish leather All Star high top sneaker gleams like brushed stainless steel. Black leather accents on full silver uppers and large star on both sides. The tongue is all silver leather with a black leather All Star logo patch stitched on at the top. The sole is silver brushed black. Black laces finish out the black accents.
Copley Metallic Denim – Converse added these unique jeans to their Metallica collection. These are “skinny jeans,” made of 98% cotton and 2% Spandex so they fit like a second skin and the fabric has a metallic silver wash to make them gleam. The knees have a panel covering layered on with typical flat feld seams. Imagine wearing these with your metallic sneakers! To retain the metallic finish, always wash them in cold water and turned inside out to protect the fabric's surface.
Metallica Chuck Taylor All Stars – In this case Metallica means the classic rock band. Converse released several styles of sneakers celebrating great rock music and designed these specifically for Metallica fans. With a little searching on the net, you can easily find these at very reasonable prices.
  Blue Logo –  All Star high tops with the large blue and white electrified Metallica logo from their classic Ride the Lightning album around the back of the heel and sides. Black laces, eyelets and top stitching. Metallica emblem stamped on the top of the tongue. White rubber sole with black pinstripe and white toe cap.

  “Skull” Logo – The flaming skull Metallica logo every fan knows, has been sewn around the back of these black high top All Stars. Skull faces front and the flames sweep around the back of the sneaker in yellow, orange and red with the traditional font band name embedded across the heel. CT logo patch on the ankle, and fitted with the traditional sole in white rubber with black pin stripe and toe cap. Laces are black and the top of the tongue shows the Metallic emblem.

  Black Album – All black, including the sole and black toe cap. Eyelets and laces are black. Black vinyl CT patch on the inside ankle and the Metallica name in their signature font written on the outside ankle.

  Pushead –  Classic twisted voodoo doll skull illustration in black and white on a white traditional CT high top. The artwork covers the side shoe and extends down to the mid sole’s bottom. Black inner lining, and the top of the tongue is sewn with a black and white Metallica logo and star patch.
Whether you want to deck out in silver jeans and shoes, or celebrate a timeless rock legend, Metallica Converse has what you need to help you have an absolutely great day.